Global A.K


GLOBAL A.K makes customer can go to Global market with economical and speedy way to strengthen the strength and make up for the weakness of Sea freight and Air freight.

Through GLOBAL A.K’s global network connected with major cities around the world, we make customer save time and costs by sending their freight directly from the third country to the destination.

Customs Brokerage

  • Through signing customs agents based on cargo specificity, we provide not only customs clearance relating to export, import and examination, but also consulting services to clients.

Inland transportaion

  • GLOBAL A.K always provide comprehensive trucking service which is picked up and promptly as one-stop service to final destination to reduce costs with best costs with best quality service.


  • With contracted international insurance agency, we provide insurance service for client's request or for high-value cargo.

Parking Service

  • Wooden case, Vacuum-pack, Shoring and etc. for Special cargo like sensitive machinery or Statue.


  • Bonded warehouse, Storage service, Stuffing service