Global A.K


Global AK prides itself in providing clients’ with a safe and reliable way of travelling around Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA, keeping in mind, the confidentiality of the client at all times. Our team will fulfill your private jet charter needs and provide you with timely and professional consultations on the most suitable charter aircraft options available.

Private Jet Charter

All private jet charter aircraft offered by Global AK undergo a do-diligence exercise to ensure the highest standards of safety, service and quality

  • VIP Jet Charter
  • Business Jet Charter
  • Sports Charter

Cargo Charter

Air Charter International is a specialist in providing outsized, remote, urgent, perishable and dangerous goods cargo charter solutions.

  • Immediate Response Cargo Charters
  • Remote Destinations Cargo Charters
  • Oversized Goods Cargo Charters
  • Dangerous Goods Cargo Charters
  • Airline Support Cargo Charters