Global A.K


CY Kim

President & CEO

AS a “Global A.K” founder and CEO, Kim, Chan Young had established the company in 2013. Based on his working experience and ability, he started Military Aircraft Ferry business and Ground Handling on Business Jet and Commercial/Military Cargo including DG.

CY Kim had earned Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautic Engineering at Korea Aerospace University.

In 1993, Entered in Strategy Development Team in Samsung Aerospace and performed the Special Project on T-50 Supersonic Speed Trainer, F-16 License Production, and Engine.

In 1999, Performed business on P-3 Orion, F-15K, FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radar), and Lynx Helicopter Upgrade in Strategy Development Team of KAI (M&A Company of Samsung Aerospace, Hyundai Aerospace, and Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery).

In 2003, Performed the business on Fix Wing & Rotor Wing Simulator (F-4, F-5, T-50, CN-235, UH-60, AH-1S, Ship), Electronic Development (AVR, FDR), Unmanned Robot Development in DoDaam System, Subsidiary Company of KAI.

In 2007, Pushed ahead the Sikorsky, GKN Westland, Bell Helicopter upgrade business and joint development on 1,000 LBS JADAM Development (Extended Wing Kit) with Boeing in Times Aerospace

In 2009, Started performing Ground Handling on Business Jet Aircraft and Charter business as a branch manager of Avjet and President of Avjet Asia.

“Based on 25 years of working experience in Military Aircraft Planning and Business Aviation, GAK will provide high quality service on Ground Handling and Ferry Flight arrangements regarding Military and Commercial Aircraft, Business Jet, Cargo flights, and Charter flights.”

For Logistic Support, GAK is on duty of Logistics Transport and Storage for Large Exhibit or Dangerous Goods.

Michael J Ross

President U.S. Operation

The US Head Quarter had established in 2016 based in the location of California. And Michael Ross was appointed as an US Operations President of “Global A.K”.

Michael Ross was born in Troy, New York. He is a graduate of NYU and has a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a minor in business law.

After college, he joined the United States Air Force. His assignments included aerial combat missions during three combat tours in Viet Nam, four years European Communications Command Inspector General Team, four years 17th Air Force staff at Sembach Germany and seven years at the USAF Flight Test Center at Edwards Airforce Base in California. Mike retired from the air force after twenty-one years of service, during which he earned thirty four military awards.

The day Mike retired from the Air Force he began his career in corporate aviation with The Air Group, in Van Nuys Ca. He eventually became Vice President of projects for the company. He established line procedures, safety programs and pilot background checks. Mike purchased fuel and set up ground handling for the company’s worldwide flight operations.

Additionally, he was responsible for the Federal Drug and Alcohol Program as well as providing indoc training for flight crews. With the sale of The Air Group, Mike became the first director of safety for Avjet Corporation. He wrote their first safety and security manuals.

Mike was also responsible for fuel and handling purchases worldwide and established the company’s first cobranded credit card. Mike met Mr. Kim while working with Avjet and assisted Mr. Kim in establishing the first fixed base operation in Korea. Since their first encounter, Mike and Mr. Kim have become not only close as businessmen, but have a very strong relationship.

“I am pleased to be working for GAK and Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim’s fairness and vision for aviation is beyond reproach. I am very proud to be part of this company and look forward to years of success for GAK and bringing aviation to Korea.”